Why is My Neosurf Blocked?

Why is My Neosurf Blocked?

Neosurf is a famous brand among gamblers around the world which offers prepaid card payment services. Players enjoy many advantages while using the platform, however, there are still complaints from users experiencing difficulties with the platform, some of them have made complaints about being blocked.

How Does Neosurf Work?

Before delving into the possible causes of the problem, it is crucial to know how Neosurf works. The platform offers prepaid services. You have to buy a voucher to use their services. The voucher comes with a 10-digit code. This code is what you need to fund your Neosurf casino account. 

Many people find this process easier than that of other platforms. It is perhaps the reason the platform has seen lots of patronages. One vital advantage of this platform is that the funding process does not involve entering your personal details.

What are Security Features of Platform?

Neosurf payment platform is generally perceived to be safe. They have put vital safety measures in place to prevent fraud. Players are not obligated to provide any personal or bank information before using the platform. The vouchers can be used without linking them to a bank account or card.

Neosurf Voucher not Working and Possible Reasons for Blocked Account

Neosurf implements security measures to curtail fraudulent activities. An account suspected to be fraudulent may be blocked. The following activities may lead to the blocking of an account:

  • Not verifying an account after opening it for a long time
  • Entering a wrong password repeatedly when trying to sign into an account. Users might risk losing their accounts as the password is a crucial security feature
  • Continuously entering the wrong 10-digit voucher pin
  • Using the account for fraudulent activities

However, the good thing is that you can still use your purchased voucher without accessing your Neosurf account.

If you experience difficulty using your account, contact their customer relations department. They will provide you with all the help you need.

How to Recover Blocked Account

Some blocked accounts can be recovered. Contact the Neosurf customer relations department via email [email protected] or go to Contact page of Neosurf website. Send them a mail explaining what happened and why you need the account back. Also, prove to them that the account is yours and did not violate their terms and conditions. Then, they will provide you with the necessary help.

There have been cases where the account was returned to the owner after 24 hours without recourse to support. The company did not comment on this matter, but I suspect these blocks were primarily mistakes of Neosurf without reasoning. It is likely that the reason was excessive security measures, which considered the activity suspicious. In any case, contacting the support service will not be superfluous.

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