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Astropay is an e-wallet service, which appeals to users with interest-free transactions, opportunity to participate in the generous loyalty program, and instant depositing. Though, there are disadvantages too, like the fact that withdrawals via Astropay are not supported. The BetPokies team of experts have prepared this article for you to learn more about Astropay and find useful and interesting insights.

✓ Withdrawals are mostly not supported
✓ Service is free, no transaction fees
✓ Your bank information is not available to the casino
✓ Instant deposits

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AstroPay for Gambling

Astropay is an e-wallet launched in the UK back in 2009. The company offers different banking methods, meaning you can apply for an Astropay Mastercard or Visa prepaid card and even an Astropay voucher.

To keep their customers interested, Astropay has launched a loyalty program. The participants of the program can collect AstroPoints, which, over time, can be exchanged for interesting rewards and exclusive benefits. The points are automatically generated whenever an action is performed via the app at the discretion of AstroPay, including but not limited to deposits, debit card payments, registration, email confirmation, KYC verification, and PIX key registration.

What appeals to many gamblers is that Atsropay is mostly an interest-free service, unlike many other competitors, including the famous Neteller. However, there are also disadvantages, like the fact that Astropay is unavailable for casino withdrawals and that the currency exchange rate is highly unfavorable compared to the official one.

AstroPay Fees

A big advantage of Astropay is that it mainly doesn't impose fees. You can deposit online casino and make withdrawals interest-free, which is a very appealing feature compared to Astropa's competitors, like Neteller, which charges up to 2.5%. The only exceptions are withdrawal fees, which make up to 0.5% per transaction. Note that we are talking about withdrawals from the Astropay account, not from online casinos to Astropay.

However, we should warn you that while Astropay doesn't charge much, online casinos often have their own fees. To know the exact number, go to the Terms&Conditions section of the gambling site or contact their customer support with this question.

Verification Process

Even though you are not required to complete the verification process to use Astropay, the BetPokies team highly recommends you do it. If you are an unverified user, your account will be severely limited, with higher fees and lower limits, the absence of withdrawals, and heavily limited P2P transactions.

Therefore, we offer you quick guides on how to easily pass the verification procedure.

  • Log in to your Astropay account.
  • Go to the My Account section, where you need to choose Personal Information and click Validate Your Identity.
  • Here, you will be asked to upload a photo of your verification document, which can be either a valid ID, driving license, or passport.
  • Astropay may require you to take a selfie holding the document. Make sure both of the photos are clear and taken without flash, so that there will be no additional issues arising.
  • Right after downloading the Astropay app, you will be offered to complete verification.
  • In order to do so, enter your phone number.
  • Confirm it with the 6-digit code sent to your number.
  • Create a strong and unique password for your account.
  • Choose a type of document you want to use to pass the KYC process (valid ID, driving license, or passport).
  • You will be prompted to upload a photo of the document. Make sure it is clear and taken without a flash.
  • Note that Astropay may ask you to take a selfie holding the document.

On average, Astropay takes around 12 hours to verify your document. However, you might be lucky and get it done faster.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Depositing your favourite gambling site via Astropay doesn’t take much effort. Here is a quick explanation of how to make a deposit with Astropay:

  • Make sure you have enough money in your e-wallet to make a deposit. 
  • Choose a casino that accepts Astropay, which you can do manually on the Payments or Banking page of the gambling site, or simply choose one from the list of the best Astropay casinos chosen by the BetPokies expert team.
  • Go to the Payments or Banking section of the casino and choose Astropay as your payment method. 
  • Enter your Astropay details (phone number linked to your account).
  • Decide the deposit amount and confirm the transaction.

Regarding withdrawals, we must upset you, as online casinos mostly do not accept Astropay as a pay-out method. Therefore, it is better if you prepare the withdrawal option in advance. You can find Astropay alternatives at the bottom of this article.

Deposit Issues

As we mention on our About Us page, part of BetPokies' research is always checking other gamblers' experiences. Therefore, we discovered that there was a case when an online casino didn't want to accept a deposit until they received a screenshot from the Astropay app as a confirmation of the transaction. Be aware that this situation might happen to you, too.

Additionally, note that even though Astropay itself supports AUD, the chosen online casino might not. In this case, the conversion will be made at the Astropay exchange rate, which is very unfavorable compared to the official one. Therefore, choose a casino that accepts AUD if you want to avoid the loss on conversion, which can make up to dozens of percent.

AstroPay Virtual Card

Besides e-wallet services, Astropay also allows users to create a virtual card issued by the company. The card functions similarly to other credit or debit cards, so you won't face any problems using it. However, one of the differences between a regular debit/credit card and an Astropay card is that it is only available for 12 months from the moment it was created. If you don't spend all the money from the Astropay card, before it is expired, you won't be able to refund them. Therefore, be careful.

In order to apply for Astrocard, visit the Astropay website.

Betpokies Expert Pick

If your favourite casino doesn't accept Astropay as a payment method, you can always use their virtual card. In order to do so, on the Payments page, click Credit Card option and enter your Astropay card details.

Charles Morey Charles Morey

Transaction Speed & Limits

Pros of using Astropay

The main benefit of AstroPay is spending control. You cannot overspend with this prepaid method. Astropay offers vouchers for gambling deposits, which can vary from $10 to $100. For responsible gaming, AstroPay helps limit casino spending. If you are concerned about a gambling problem, BetPokies offers a free responsible gambling guide to help assess your level of addiction risk. Taking this test is recommended before using any online casino.

Another plus is the AstroPoints program. When you use AstroPay, you earn points, which you can use for rewards. It is always nice to get something free. AstroPay has 3 different card portions: Flex, Wolves, and Spurs. The BetPokies team recommends using the first one for playing in casinos.

You can link your Astrocard to Apple Pay and use it on casino sites. Although it is less common than regular cards, on the other hand, all expenses on the card can be seen immediately in the iPhone app. Also, using Astropay, you have an opportunity to create debit card Visa.

Also, it's pretty appealing that Astropay does not charge any fees for opening or maintaining an account, unlike some competitors. Moreover, Astropay can be used to buy cryptocurrency, which might be more convenient as a deposit method in selected online casinos.

Astrocards are valid for one year. After this time, if there is any amount left on your Astrocard, it won’t be returned back to your Astropay balance; thus, use up all the card’s balance prior to its expiry date.

Pitfalls of Using Astropay

Astropay’s inability to allow for the withdrawal of funds through the method is the biggest drawback. Some casinos may take up to 5 days for withdrawal but most times, you simply won’t be able to withdraw money if you have used it as your deposit method.

It's extremely important to carefully read the casino's rules. Some casinos (which we immediately put on our Blacklisted casinos page) have an absurd rule - you can only withdraw the same method you used for your deposit. If you deposited via Astropay, but Astropay withdrawals are not possible, you'll have to make a new deposit using a different method to be able to cash out. 🤯

What is very upsetting is that Astropay's support leaves much to be desired - email only, no phone or live chat (is it 2024 now?). They promise 24/7 responses, but we know how email support works.

Astropay's exchange rates are very unfavourable and differ significantly from real market rates. This isn't an issue if you choose an Australian dollar casino and deposit in AUD. But imagine this: you bought an AUD voucher, but the casino only accepts USD - then Astropay will convert the currency at a blatantly unfair rate (companies need to make money somehow).

There are also issues with the Astropay app itself. For example, there are known cases where it's impossible to issue a new virtual card - the button simply doesn't work, forcing you to contact that email support.

Delays in funds being credited to your Astropay account can also occur. As with any financial app, be prepared that you may be asked to provide documents to verify your identity and transactions.

Luckily, I wasn't asked for any additional documents, which was a relief. However, I did face some issues when trying to fund my account through my NAB account on the first attempt. I was close to giving up, but I decided to give it another shot, and the second attempt went through smoothly.

In short, Astropay is a bit of an eccentric payment solution, but it does have huge pros related to responsible gambling and data privacy. But more on that later.

If you're still not deterred from using this method, let's look at how to make a deposit.

P.S.: We'll also explore alternative methods towards the end, perhaps you'll reconsider and opt for a more convenient option.

Important Tips

Astropay cooperates with Telesign, which is engaged in user verification and combating fake accounts. Given that these are 2 different companies, data is transferred via API, and perhaps not everything that is available in Astropay, there are frequent cases of random account bans. You should take this into account when registering accounts: do not use a VPN, it can significantly increase the likelihood of your account being banned.

Deposit in casino sometimes requires confirmation from Astropay. For example, there was a case when a user made a deposit in Royalpanda casino, but the money was not credited immediately. The casino proceeded to ask the user to provide a screenshot of payment, and only after the message on Trustpilot the money was credited to the casino account. Therefore, note that and be prepared that situations like this might happen, though it is pretty rare.


Making a deposit at an online casino using Astropay is child's play. We assume you've already funded your Astropay account and have money in your balance, so the hardest part is behind you.

Now you need to choose a casino that accepts Astropay as a payment method (just use our list of recommended casinos above).

After that, go to the "Deposit" or "Cashier" section (or something similar, depending on the casino).

Next, find the Astropay logo. If there's no Astropay logo, you can always use the virtual card issued by Astropay (Astropay card) and choose the "credit card" deposit option. There will likely be a fee charged by the casino for this.

So far, it's still quite straightforward.

Next, enter the deposit amount. We always (always!) recommend depositing the minimum amount first, until the casino successfully credits your money without requesting documents or anything else.

So simply deposit the smallest possible amount the first time around (not just to Astropay, but any payment method).

Simply enter your details in Astropay or use an Astropay-issued card.

After entering your Astropay details, you're ready to play at the casino. If your deposit takes longer than expected, which is rare, reach out to support.

Remember to upload your verification documents right after depositing to smooth out any future withdrawals. Make it a rule: deposit, then immediately complete KYC.


Depositing into online casinos via Astropay is easy, but withdrawing is really tough. 9 out of 10 casinos don't allow withdrawals at all, and even at the ones that do, it's hit or miss whether you'll be allowed to cash out (usually only for VIP players and such...).

First step is to ask the live chat if withdrawals are even possible for you - but be prepared for them to likely say no. If you managed to win money at the casino, and you were given the opportunity to withdraw money through Astropay - that's double luck (you lucky bastard), then you'll be able to move on to the next step.

If support gave you the green light, look for the Astropay icon when going to withdraw. If you can't find the Astropay icon, reach out to support again (at the end of the day, they're your best ally in this).

The same simple rule that applies to deposits also applies to withdrawals - don't withdraw your entire balance!

First, try withdrawing the minimum amount and if you receive that quickly to your Astropay account, only then should you withdraw the full sum.

Oh man, I know too many stories of players trying to cash out thousands of dollars only for the transaction to get stuck between the casino and the payment method.

Timeframe & Fees

Now that we've covered deposits and withdrawals, let's look at fees. It all looks great on paper - Astropay deposit 0%, casino deposit 0%, casino withdrawal 0%, Astropay withdrawal 0.5%.

Withdrawal time from the casino is 3-4 days. But the important thing (that no one really mentions) is that Astropay's 0.5% fee is floating and depends on the withdrawal method.

In reality, the fee ends up being 1.5-3%. It's also worth noting that your account limits and all applicable fees will be shown during the transaction at the bottom of the screen, preventing any potential unpleasant surprises.

It's not the worst option, but let's be honest - there are plenty of payment methods (Neosurf/Paysafecard/eZeeWallet) that have more attractive terms (we'll cover those in more detail below).

Limit Time Fees
Minimal Deposit $10 Instant 0%
Maximal Withdrawal $500 per transaction 3-4 days 0%

Casino Bonuses for Aussies

Nowadays, online casinos don't really offer deposit-specific bonuses anymore. It doesn't matter if you deposit via Astropay, PayID, or Neosurf - your bonus won't depend on the payment method.

However, this brings us to a small perk of using Astropay - the AstroPoints rewards program. This is their internal point accumulation system where you earn points based on how much you spend.

You can't convert the points to cash (which is a bummer), but you can redeem them for various goods and services within the Astropay platform itself (VIP experiences at sports events, merchandise from favorite teams, gaming consoles). It's basically a cashback type of deal.

Below we've included some bonus offers for you. They aren't tied to Astropay specifically (as mentioned, no deposit method bonuses these days), but you may find them appealing.

Slots Palace
Welcome Bonus

100% up to AU$ 1,750

no code required
Rolling Slots
Welcome Bonus

up to $800 + 100 FS

no code required
Welcome Bonus

up to $1,000 + 100 FS

Bonus code: FWB


As we promised at the start, let's look at some Astropay alternatives before we wrap up.

PayID is very popular in Australia. It has less problems with deposits than Astropay. Your money does not get lost like sometimes with Astropay.

PayID is not as private as Astropay. But do you really fear someone knowing you gamble online? If so, use cryptocurrency instead of Astropay. Crypto is more stable.

At BetPokies, we test casinos using USDT. It's a stablecoin so the value doesn't change much. Almost all casinos (95 out of 100) accept USDT.

With crypto, you get money to your casino balance in minutes. Withdrawals are also very fast, sometimes minutes.

Soon BetPokies will have a guide on setting up a crypto wallet.

If you want vouchers, consider Neosurf instead of Astropay. Neosurf doesn't have Astropay's issues.

You can also use cards. If you don't want an Australian card, get Revolut. Make virtual Revolut cards - they work perfectly. The Revolut app is way better than Astropay's (around a billion times better), with live chat support (not just email!).

Charles Morey

Charles Morey

Payment Method Expert

Charles joined BetPokies as an intern in 2022 after University of Melbourne (Finance), and has been the driving force behind content updates since then, ensuring our readers always see the latest information. He stayed on after his internship to continue his work refreshing our content.