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Astropay is an e-wallet service, which appeals to users with interest-free transactions, and instant depositing. Though, there are disadvantages too, like the fact that casino withdrawals via Astropay are not supported. The BetPokies team of experts have prepared this article for you to learn more about Astropay and find useful insights.

✓ Withdrawals are mostly not supported
✓ Service is interest-free
✓ Customer support only via email
✓ Instant deposits

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AstroPay for Gambling

Astropay is an e-wallet launched in the UK in 2009. The company offers different banking methods, so you can apply for an Astropay prepaid card or voucher and even buy crypto using Astropay.

To keep their customers interested, Astropay has launched a loyalty program. The participants of the program can collect AstroPoints, which, over time, can be exchanged for interesting rewards and exclusive benefits. The points are automatically generated whenever an action is performed via the app at the discretion of Astropay, including but not limited to deposits, debit card payments, registration, email confirmation, KYC verification, and PIX key registration.

What appeals to many gamblers is that Astropay is mostly an interest-free service, unlike many other competitors. However, there are also disadvantages, like the fact that Astropay is unavailable for casino withdrawals and that the currency exchange rate is highly unfavorable compared to the official one.

AstroPay Fees

A big advantage of Astropay is that it mainly doesn't impose fees. You can deposit online casino and make withdrawals interest-free, which is a very appealing feature compared to Astropa's competitors, like Neteller, which charges up to 2.5%. The only exceptions are withdrawal fees, which make up to 0.5% per transaction. Note that we are talking about withdrawals from the Astropay account, not from online casinos to Astropay.

However, we should warn you that while Astropay doesn't charge much, online casinos often have their own fees. To know the exact number, go to the Terms&Conditions section of the gambling site or contact their customer support with this question.

Verification Process

Even though you are not required to complete the verification process to use Astropay, the BetPokies team highly recommends you do it. If you are an unverified user, your account will be severely limited, with higher fees and lower limits, the absence of withdrawals, and heavily limited P2P transactions.

Astropay's verification is not a complicated, but a bit slow process. On average, the company takes around 12 hours to verify your document, but you might be lucky and get it done faster. Therefore, we offer you quick guides on how to easily pass the verification procedure.

  • Log in to your Astropay account.
  • Go to the My Account section, where you need to choose Personal Information and click Validate Your Identity.
  • Here, you will be asked to upload a photo of your verification document, which can be either a valid ID, driving license, or passport.
  • Astropay may require you to take a selfie holding the document. Make sure both of the photos are clear and taken without flash, so that there will be no additional issues arising.
  • Right after downloading the Astropay app, you will be offered to complete verification.
  • In order to do so, enter your phone number.
  • Confirm it with the 6-digit code sent to your number.
  • Create a strong and unique password for your account.
  • Choose a type of document you want to use to pass the KYC process (valid ID, driving license, or passport).
  • You will be prompted to upload a photo of the document. Make sure it is clear and taken without a flash.
  • Note that Astropay may ask you to take a selfie holding the document.
Verification Issues

Astropay works with Telesign, a company that verifies users and prevents fake accounts. Since these two are separate companies, they share data through an API. However, not all data available in Astropay may be accessible to Telesign, which can lead to random account bans. BetPokies highly recommend you avoid using VPN when registration to lower the chances of being banned.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Depositing your favourite gambling site via Astropay doesn’t take much effort. Here is a quick explanation of how to make a deposit with Astropay:

  • Make sure you have enough money in your e-wallet to make a deposit. 
  • Choose a casino that accepts Astropay, which you can do manually on the Payments or Banking page of the gambling site, or simply choose one from the list of the best Astropay casinos chosen by the BetPokies expert team.
  • Go to the Payments or Banking section of the casino and choose Astropay as your payment method. 
  • Enter your Astropay details (phone number linked to your account).
  • Decide the deposit amount and confirm the transaction.

Regarding withdrawals, we must upset you, as online casinos mostly do not accept Astropay as a pay-out method. Therefore, it is better if you prepare the withdrawal option in advance. You can find Astropay alternatives at the bottom of this article.

Chack Deposit Methods

One important thing about casinos is that they often change the list of allowed payment methods. If you see Astropay's label on the casino's page, there is still a chance that the casino doesn't accept it. Therefore, always check presence of a particular banking option on the Payments section or directly ask customer support service.

Deposit Issues

As we mention on our About Us page, part of BetPokies' research is always checking other gamblers' experiences. Therefore, we discovered that online casinos might not credit a deposit sent via Astropay unless users provide proof that the transaction was made (for example, a screenshot).

Additionally, note that even though Astropay itself supports AUD, the chosen online casino might not. In this case, the conversion will be made at the Astropay exchange rate, which is very unfavorable compared to the official one. Therefore, choose a casino that accepts AUD if you want to avoid the loss on conversion, which can make up to dozens of percent.

AstroPay Virtual Card

Besides e-wallet services, Astropay also allows users to create a virtual card issued by the company. The card functions similarly to other credit or debit cards, so you won't face any problems using it. However, one of the differences between a regular debit/credit card and an Astropay card is that it is only available for 12 months from the moment it was created. If you don't spend all the money from the Astropay card before it expires, you won't be able to refund them. Therefore, be careful.

In order to apply for Astrocard, visit the Astropay website.

Betpokies Expert Pick

If your favourite casino doesn't accept Astropay as a payment method, you can always use their virtual card. In order to do so, on the Payments page, click Credit Card option and enter your Astropay card details.
Astropay also offers vouchers ($10 - $100), which you can use at online casinos. However, keep in mind that it still doesn't work for withdrawals.

Charles Morey Charles Morey

Casino Bonuses for Aussies

Nowadays, online casinos don't really offer deposit-specific bonuses anymore. It doesn't matter if you deposit via Astropay, PayID, or Neosurf - your bonus won't depend on the payment method.

However, Astropay offers a rewards program called AstroPoints. This is their internal point accumulation system, where you earn points based on how much you spend. You can't convert the points to cash (which is a bummer), but you can redeem them for various goods and services within the Astropay platform itself (VIP experiences at sports events, merchandise from favourite teams, gaming consoles). It's basically a cashback type of deal.

Below, we've included some bonus offers for you. They aren't tied to Astropay specifically (as mentioned, there are no deposit method bonuses these days), but you may find them appealing.

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AstroPay Issues

Even though BetPokies experts haven't faced any issues trying it out, we always conduct research about other users' experiences. Therefore, we found many complaints about Astropay on the Google Play website. Users claim that Astropay's app is inconvenient and hard to navigate. The withdrawal process takes an average of five days or even more (here, we are talking about withdrawing money from your Astropay account, not casino withdrawals).

BetPokies experts also discovered a Reddit post of an Astropay user who deposited money onto Astropay to purchase a virtual card, but the money was never funded. In a nutshell, the customer created an account on Astropay to deposit a betting site. They purchased Bitcoin and sent it to Astropay to buy a virtual card worth $100. However, the transaction was not processed, and the $100 was neither credited nor returned to the user.

As you can see in the post, customer support was helpless, because Astropay doesn't offer any type of customer support except for email and we all know how slowly it works. Let's be honest: it's not 2009 anymore, and most trustworthy services provide users with professional assistance via chat, phone, and email support.


Here, at BetPokies we prefer not to write long paragraphs praising any company's security system, as most security tools are the same for every licensed payment method. They typically include SSL and TSL encryption, two-factor authentication, and more.

However, we would like to highlight that unlike some Astropay's competitors, such as Neteller or Klarna, Astropay hasn't suffered any data breaches or hacker attacks throughout its history, which is a great sign!

Nevertheless, we have important advice for you from finance expert Rebecca Lake.

As an experienced finance expert, I would recommend you to follow simple tips to avoid getting into a situation where your banking data is at risk of being disclosed:
1. Create unique passwords for each of your banking methods.
2. Whenever possible, enable two-factor authentication. Plus, nowadays, almost every licensed payment method offers and even encourages users to do so.
3. Turn on banking alerts. Your bank will send you notifications in case of any activity going on your account.
Keep your banking activity safe!

Rebecca Lake Rebecca Lake


As we are coming to the end of the article, let's summarise everything and highlight all the advantages and disadvantages of Astropay.

  • Instant transactions
  • Often accepted at online casinos
  • Prepaid cards and vouchers options
  • Mostly interest-free
  • Astropoints program
  • Not available for casino withdrawals
  • Slow and unprofessional customer support
  • Inconvenient app
  • Often withdrawal issues
  • High currency exchange rate

Alternatives for AstroPay

As we promised at the start, let's look at some Astropay alternatives before we wrap up.

Instead of Astropay, you can use e-wallets like Sticpay and Neteller (but be ready for high fees). They offer fast transactions and are widely accepted by online casinos.

Also, crypto is always a good option. Not only can you enjoy ease of use and instant payments, but you can even get higher bonuses at online casinos.

And last but not least are debit cards. They are always secure and trustworthy, the only big disadvantage is that transactions take one to three business days to be done.

Responsible Gambling

Astropay itself doesn't offer responsible gambling measures. However, BetPokies got you covered and came up with some simple but useful ideas for you.

The most obvious option to make your gambling activity safer is to buy Astropay vouchers. They will help you control your spending. Another idea is to set time and day limits for the Astropay app directly on your phone. Here are two guides:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on the Screen Time section
  • Choose App Limits, and Add Limit
  • Among Productivity&Finance apps
  • Click on the Astropay icon
  • Set days when you want the app to be restricted for you.
  • Go to Settings
  • Click on the Digital Wellbeing &Parental Control (if you don't see that directly in the settings menu, check "Connections" or "Advanced settings" sections)
  • Now, click on Dashboard, where you can manage individual app usage
  • Find the Astropay app
  • Choose the days and times you want to have Astropay temporarily blocked.

Additionally, we highly recommend you visit our Responsible Gambling page, where you can learn more useful tips and even take a test to see if you are in danger of gambling addiction.

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