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PayID casinos in Australia are an excellent choice for players who are looking for online pokies with instant deposits and withdrawals.

✓ Aussie players can use PayID for deposits only on online pokies sites
✓ Over 16 million PayID registrations from Australia were made as of Feb 1, 2024
✓ 25% of all online payments in Australia could be made with PayID in 2024
✓ PayID is supported by over 100 Financial Institutions

Top 3 PayID Casinos

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  • Sportsbook available
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Online Casinos Accepting PayID in June 2024

  • Certified Certified
  • Safe & secure Safe & secure
  • Expertly rated Expertly rated
  • Trusted Trusted

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How PayID Works in Gambling

PayID is a very common and popular payment method when we speak about quick and easy money transfers. So why not use it in online casinos? But there are a few things you should know about.

PayID is a 100% Australian privilege, and you can get your own PayID if you have an account in an Aussie bank. According to the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001, online casinos are not allowed to be based in Australia. If you carefully check all online casinos that declare they accept Aussies, you’ll see all of them have offshore licenses and operate in jurisdictions other than Australia.

All of this imposes certain restrictions on the use of PayID in online gambling. As PayID is not a typical e-wallet but a protocol that works on the NPP (New Payments Platform) network and links directly to bank accounts, offshore online casinos can't integrate with PayID and accept money directly. Instead, they must use an intermediary payment processor. Using a payment gateway means that casinos are subject to restrictions such as commissions, transaction speed, and the number of operations. All of these limitations directly affect players. For example, some casinos:

  • allow deposits to PayID, but no withdrawals to PayID
  • allow deposits to PayID only after depositing money using another payment method
  • allow deposits and withdrawals of money in PayID, but only for VIP clients
  • PayID appears in a cashier section only after verification
PayID Payments Delays

Some payments may be subject to security checks which could delay a payment

The BetPokies team has analysed brands and communicated with their customer support managers to help you understand the nuances of using PayID at online casinos in Australia. We've gathered real experiences and insights to give you a full picture of this payment method's benefits and limitations.

PayID Casino Restrictions

PayID is not an e-wallet, and online casino cannot simply register it and give you its ID. This imposes a number of restrictions and makes using PayID not always the most convenient payment method.

How to Make a Deposit using PayID

PayID can be difficult to verify the availability of the selected casino, as this method is often hidden on the payment page. Sometimes you have to message support, and only then the PayID is available. So use the recommended brands, but keep in mind — PayID can work today and stop working tomorrow due to gateway issues.

You'll see the PayID in the cashier once you sign up, but some casinos require verification first or a minimum deposit in another way. Check the limits and fees for deposits/payouts via PayID with your chosen casino.

In general, the process of making deposits using PayID consists of the following steps:

Step 1

Log into your PayID casino account, or if you don't have an account, you'll need to create one with your chosen PayID casinos. At this stage, it is enough to enter some basic information, as a complete identification may not be necessary yet.

Step 2

Go to the Deposit or Banking section, where you will find a list of available payment methods. Select PayID, and you will be prompted to enter the amount you wish to deposit.

Step 3

Provide your mobile phone number or email address associated with your PayID and confirm the transaction.

Why Can't I Deposit with PayID?

When using PayID at online casinos, you may see it missing sometimes. For example, PayID may not be displayed on payment page, but may be displayed during a deposit. Or it shows as a payment option, but is not actually available to use for deposits. This can happen if the casino temporarily disables PayID, but their website is not updated immediately. In rare cases, the casino may require you to make a small deposit using a different payment method first, before allowing PayID. We highly recommend you first contact customer support to make sure PayID is available for new account and only then register in the casino.

How to Withdraw from a Casino using PayID

The first step is to contact the casino support team and ask about the possibility of withdrawing via PayID. This is not a very common withdrawal option or is only available to VIP players or those with a certain deposit turnover.

KYC is required to verify and validate your documents. Without it, withdrawals are not possible, no matter the method used.

If PayID withdrawals are not currently available, you can ask support if there are any plans to activate this option in the near future. For example, processing limits may have been reached, but it may be available again in a few days.

If the casino supports PayID withdrawal, the process is as simple as making a deposit and consists the following steps:

Step 1

Log in to your PayID casino account and go to the cashier page

Step 2

Select PayID as your withdrawal method and enter the amount you wish to withdraw

Step 3

Enter your PayID details and once you've confirmed, funds will be sent to the banking account associated with the provided PayID

Withdrawal Pending Time

Usually, the withdrawal request is processed in under a day. However, we recommend that you contact the casino's support service to verify the pending time.

Casinos often have withdrawal limits. Once again, we recommend you contact support to know whether your winnings will be paid out in several amounts or in a single sum.

If the support team informs you that a PayID withdrawal could take up to three days to process, we recommend choosing a bank transfer instead, as that option tends to be quicker.

Keep in mind that despite PayID being widely used in Australia for payments, withdrawing funds could come with limitations and delays set by casinos and payment processors. So brace yourself for waiting periods. Consider alternative withdrawal methods.

PayID transaction details — Casino Fees, and Limits

Generally, PayID has no limits or fees. However, be warned that your bank may have imposed certain restrictions on it. For instance, Bank Australia has a daily limit of $2,000, and CommBank has a daily limit of $20,000. But most banks can raise the daily limit if you ask them. In case you have a low limit, all you need to do is contact your bank’s support team.

Also, several factors influence how fast a transaction can be executed. This includes which bank you are using, its transaction history, and the amount of money you want to use to make the payment. In some cases, banks slow down suspicious transactions, especially if it is your first deposit into your casino account. This usually takes 24 hours.

About PayID

PayID is an easy-to-use transaction method in Australia. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) started it in 2018 to facilitate payments. Now, over 100 banks in Australia support PayID.


However, the idea is not new. In the UK, a similar project called Paym was launched in 2014. Paym had 4 million users, which is about 5% of the country's population. However, it only used phone numbers as an identifier. In March 2023, the Paym project was closed.

On the other hand, PayID is widely used in Australia. This is because New Payments Platform Australia Ltd (NPPA) makes it easy for banks to connect to the PayID proxy. For those who don't want to usePayID, you can still use your BSB and account number.

The main idea of PayID is to clearly see who you are sending money to. A survey of 2,550 people showed that:

  • 47% worry about making mistakes when using an account number and BSB for payments
  • 37% worry about others making mistakes when using an account number and BSB to pay them
  • 25% have stopped or edited a payment after noticing the recipient's details were wrong

These numbers help explain why PayID has gained so much trust in Australia.

Security and Privacy Measures of PayID

PayID is a proxy payment service. not a standalone method or wallet. However, it is as secure as your bank account. If you trust your bank, you can trust PayID.

knowing your name by knowing your PayID — security issue

This will sound controversial, but PayID's biggest advantage is also its biggest disadvantage. In 2018, Twitter user Anthony (anthonycr0) demonstrated how easy it is to find your name just by entering your phone number into the PayID system.

The net banking service Westpac faced this vulnerability, hence contributing to cyberattackers accessing the data of about 98,000 users after one year.

In this respect we would suggest our customers not to use their telephone number as an ID if they are concerned about their information protection level. Instead create an email address dedicated exclusively to Pay ID.

Maybe someone will say there’s nothing bad in knowing my name together with my phone number or e-mail address; meanwhile, I am sorry, but that’s not true because it is such kind of knowledge that brings about lots of problems.

Cybercriminals use SMS and email campaigns. To make it look like the messages are real, they include your first and last names. Therefore, clicking such messages is very normal for an average person, and after entering their real information, they become victims of phishing.

The ME Household Financial Comfort Report shows that nearly half of households have at least $10,000 in savings, leaving our bank accounts a clear target for cybercriminals. As with any phishing attack, it only takes a few people to succumb to make the enterprise worthwhile.

Betpokies Expert Pick

After I got married and changed my maiden name, updating my PayID was not possible. This was very frustrating, so I understand the value of flexibility and user control in digital services. To be honest, I am afraid that Australian government officials like Scott Morrison would want anonymity eliminated from social media. Because this would mean that PayID cannot use pseudonyms anymore. It is important that providers put privacy, security, and ability to manage our personal information as their top priority as digital services become more integrated into our lives.

Poppy Bate Poppy Bate

Among the New Payment Platform (NPP) products, PayID is one of them but it is slightly distinct from the others. Beyond PayID, there are other services such as Osko, PayTo, and BPay. Generally, Osko facilitates instantaneous bank transactions while as PayTo enables recurring payments and BPay acts as a bill payment service. However interconnected they might be in terms of purpose they perform differently.


The unique identity system sets PayTo apart from its sister app, PayID. For example, in contrast to PayID, you can select either your phone number or email address to act as your verifier, a feature that does not exist in its predecessor. This makes for a faster alternative to traditional banking systems, which is very advantageous for business purposes.


Osko by BPAY allows instant transfer of money through bank accounts 24 hours daily throughout the year, including weekends and public holidays. Osko works within Australia's New Payment Platform (NPP). It has better speeds and ease compared with old-style bank transfers. You may transfer using your phone number or email via any of these features: just a BSB and account number or via PayID option only that provides more detailed information about the payment in up-to 280 characters. This integration also means that Osko applies to both consumer personal transactions and company business ones, being extensively linked with virtual banking.


BPAY is among top-rated Australian bill-payment services today created to facilitate quick payments towards bills contrary to other mentioned speed payment options available on-line. Each payer has their own individual identification code known as BPAY code, besides some user’s particular reference numbers (which tend to replace any paper invoices). As such, it is a major instrument employed by many companies providing goods and utilities plus other establishments that make up the country’s financial system.

Use PayID in Casinos that Do Not Accept It

In some casinos, PayID may be temporarily unavailable for depositing or withdrawing. This is due to processing problems and the complexity of connecting this type of payment. However, there is an option to use PayID indirectly through e-wallets that support this system.


In 2023, Binance reported that there was an opportunity to fund your account by P2P transfers as well. In other words, if you decide to convert your PayID into a popular dollar-pegged cryptocurrency named Tether (USDT).

Once USDT lands on your Binance account, choose any online casino accepting this cryptocurrency. As a matter of fact, nine out of ten internet gambling houses take such crypto coins as USDT.

There are many reasons to consider funding your gaming account with USDT. Compared with other forms of payment, transactions are free, and deposits and withdrawals are fast.

When you are ready to cash out your winnings from playing slots or table games using USDT it's equally simple. First, withdraw your USDT from the casino into your Binance USDT Wallet, then sell the obtained USDT for AUD via the Binance platform, and finally make a withdrawal in AUD to your bank account utilising PayID.

How to buy crypto with PayID

Banks that Support PayID

Over 100 Australian banks support PayID (2020), but the most significant difference is whether it runs on Osko or the older BECS system.

OSKO is a real-time payment platform that enables customers to send money between banks or other financial institutions within seconds, every day of the week. So, if you use a bank that uses OSKO, your payments via PayID will be instantaneously processed by them.

But if your bank does not use Osko, it will typically convert all PayID transactions to an “overnight” BECS (Bulk Electronic Clearing System) debit. Australian banks employ this system to address both credit and debit batch postings with large volumes of transactions. Nonetheless, the executed payments within the BECS framework are not immediate and may take up to 24 hours to settle.

Therefore, if you fail to see your casino balance pop up instantly, visit Osko’s website and search for the list of participating banks or check in with customer service. If none of the banks are on this list, it can take up to a day before the money lands in your account.

Normally, fees are free for multiple operations that can be escalated by approaching a support team or using a bank’s mobile app.

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