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Neteller is an e-wallet of Paysafe group, which is a popular payment method for gambling. The e-wallet provides convenience, instant transactions, and exciting VIP programs. Though, one of the disadvantage is that Neteller imposes relatively high fees. In this article, you can read more about Neteller and find useful insights from BetPokies.

✓ Crypto transactions are available
✓ Neteller doesn't disclose users activity to Australian government
✓ Imposes fees for account inactivity
✓ The e-wallet supports AUD

Top Casinos that Accept Neteller

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  • Safe & secure Safe & secure
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Neteller for Gambling

Neteller is a true veteran of payment methods. It started its journey back in 1999 and currently has a user base of over 23 million people. The e-wallet has held a leading position in the betting payments sector for many years, and it has allowed Neteller not to lower fees for its services.

Even though Neteller's costliness and high transaction fees of 2.5% made it unattractive for new users, its loyal customer base has allowed it to maintain these higher prices. However, we can now observe how less pricey alternatives, for example, Skrill and Paysafecard, which are also part of Paysafegroup, don't impose fees on transactions, except for currency exchange, are slowly replacing Neteller.

Australian Tax

Neteller does not share any information with the government without an official request. Therefore, all your transactions stay confidential for the governmental agencies.

Neteller Fees

One of Neteller's cons is its fees. On average, Neteller charges a 2.5% fee for depositing funds and a 2.5% fee for withdrawing funds. However, there are some exceptions depending on your account status or payment method.

Similarly, casinos sometimes impose an average fee of 2.5% on both deposits and withdrawals when using Neteller. If they don't charge this fee, the casinos would have to cover the Neteller commission out of their own pocket, which they are unlikely to do (unless we're talking about new brands that are willing to absorb the cost of these fees to attract new customers). However, you can always search for this information about a particular casino in the Terms&Conditions or Payment section; you can also directly ask customer support service about casino fees for Neteller payments.

Let's now try depositing $100 into a casino using Neteller and withdrawing the money back to see what we eventually get.

In total, we will lose almost 12% in transaction fees alone. There are also many hidden pitfalls, such as currency conversion fees. If a currency conversion is involved (4.49% conversion fees), the losses could be around 20%.

  1. We transfer $100 to Neteller using Visa/Mastercard. Neteller charges a 2.5% fee, and we receive $97.50 in our Neteller account.

  2. We then transfer $97.50 to the casino. Neteller will deduct another 2.5%, and the casino will receive $95.06.

  3. Now, the casino charges its own fee, and we get $92.69 on our gambling account.

  4. If we decide to withdraw this amount back to Neteller, the casino will charge a 2.5% fee, and we will receive $90.37 in our Neteller account.

  5. Finally, when we withdraw the funds from Neteller back to our credit card, we will have $88.11 on our card.

Tip to Avoid Maintainance Fee

Neteller also charges maintenance fee. In order to avoid $5.00 fee for inactivity, BetPokies team recommends you to log in to your Neteller account at least once a month.
Additionally, in case you close your Neteller account, make sure there is no leftover balance, otherwise the company will be charge $5.00 fee.


As stated on Neteller's official website, to verify your identity, you are required to prepare a document (government-issued ID, driver's license, or passport; no matter which one you choose, it has to be current and have a recent photo and/or proof of address at hand), a computer equipped with a webcam, or a mobile phone with a camera.

To prove your address, you can use a geolocation service or an official document that contains your full name and address, such as a utility bill, statement, or bill no older than 90 days etc. Neteller also recommends enabling the pop-up windows on your browser. You'll be asked to verify your ID by uploading a document via webcam during the verification process. Remember, photos must be clear and taken without flash, making it easier to recognise you and analyze your ID.

  1. Tap on your profile image; a menu will appear. Choose Verification and Features.

  2. Click Verify, and the app will ask you if you consent to the use of your biometric data, click I agree (if you do, of course)

  3. Now, you can start verification by pressing Start.

  4. If you are unsure what to do, you can click in the question mark at the left bottom corner, where you'll find some recommendations.

  1. Log into your Neteller account and open Settings. Choose Verification and then click Verify Now.

  2. A click on Verify Now will take you to their document upload tool.

  3. Click Upload, and you will be required to activate your webcam or download the Neteller mobile app to match your face to your ID.

  4. Once there, you'll need to select the type of verification document being used, turn on webcam sharing in your browser, and take an image of the document. (Note: Depending on your ID, you may need to upload both sides.)

No KYC Limit

Note that you can register an account without identity verification. In order to do this, you must verify only your email and phone number, but you must be aware that in this case, your account will have limit of maximum $150 and withdrawals will not be available for you.

Verification Issues

When the BetPokies expert tested Neteller, we didn't encounter any issues with the verification process in the e-wallet app. However, part of our research is always checking what other users have experienced. We found negative reviews on Google Play, where customers complained about the slow verification speed, saying it took them more than 24 hours. However, Neteller notes that while most documents are checked and verified automatically, they sometimes send photos to the manual reviews, which take up to 72 hours.

Transaction Speed & Limits

Neteller transactions themselves are instant, but a casino you deposit or withdraw from might slow down this process due to the processing time set by the gambling site. Also, note that paying out time will take much longer if you haven't completed the KYC procedure in advance, as you will be required to do that before withdrawal.

Regarding limits, as a verified user, you can deposit $10 - $2,500 to your Neteller account and withdraw $10 - $3,000 daily. Additionally, as you know, casinos set their own deposit and withdrawal limits. So here, you should pay attention to the Terms&Conditions of the online casino brand. However, if we average the figures for the gambling market, they are as follows: the minimum deposit amount is usually around $20, and the maximum deposit amount is $5,000. Withdrawal limits range from $20-30 and can be as high as $5,000.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Adding money to your gambling account via Neteller is fairly easy. Based on the experience of BetPokies experts with this e-wallet, there are no issues arising or special procedures that need to be done in order to complete both transactions. So, here are two quick guides to help you in case you're facing any difficulties:

  • Make sure your Neteller account has enough funds
  • Go to the Payment or Cashier section of an online casino, choose Neteller as a payment option
  • Enter the amount you are willing to deposit and confirm the transaction
  • Gambling site will request that you confirm your payment using the Neteller app
  • After the transaction is successfully confirmed, you just need to wait for the funds to arrive at the casino account
  • Make sure the e-wallet is among the withdrawal options on the casino's payment page
  • Choose Neteller, enter the amount you want to receive
  • Share your email/phone number linked to your Neteller
  • Confirm the transaction
  • When your funds are in your account, you'll receive an email with a notification
Betpokies Expert Pick

Even if you see Neteller among payment options on the Banking page, it might not appear when you are about to deposit. In order to fix this, BetPokies recommends you change the currency from AUD to USD, as Neteller imposes high fees for currency exchange, and casinos don't want to pay it out of their pocket.

If nothing has changed, contact customer support, they might tell you that Neteller deposits become available after the first deposit, deposits of a certain amount, completing KYC, etc. Also, sometimes casinos allow depositing via Neteller but not withdrawing. You can as well ask customer support managers about that.

Charles Morey Charles Morey

Neteller Casino Bonuses

Neteller has a history of bonus abuse. Players would register many Neteller or Skrill accounts, use welcome bonuses, and withdraw winnings before the casino's safety system could notice the fraud. As a result, Netller was excluded from payment options for receiving bonuses. Later, gambling sites improved their anti-fraud mechanisms and set higher wagering requirements, so now it is rare to find a casino that doesn't accept Neteller.

It is free to enter and available for all users. Being a member of it allows you to collect points while using the app, and exchanging them for rewards!

After joining Knect you will receive points for any of these actions: depositing money into Neteller account, withdrawing, and buying/selling crypto.

Rewards mentioned in the text include cashback, lower fees, and higher limits.

Neteller True is a subscription that costs $10 per year.

The perks of the program include reduced fees of 0.8% when converting between currencies, higher weekly withdrawal limits, VIP customer support, and exclusive offers, such as money-back deals, promotional giveaways, and exclusive discounts.

It is an invite-only program with four levels. The first one, Silver, will give you an opportunity to enjoy 3.19% FX fees (fees on transactions in a foreign currency), free money transfers, 1.40% crypto buy/sell transactions, and crypto P2P 1.50% (per transactions). Starting from the second level, Gold, you will have a personal VIP manager, discounted deposits and withdrawals, and more!

The program is good for you if you consider using Neteller not only for gambling, but for crypto-transactions too. However, you must know that becoming a member of these programs isn't that easy, as you have to perform crypto transactions for a decent amount of money.


Nowadays, all legit payment methods implement the same or similar protection tools. They usually include two-factor authentication, different encryptions, etc. Therefore, it makes no sense to write a lot about it.

However, the BetPokies expert still managed to find some interesting information about Neteller's security. Back on 17th May 2010, there was a case of hacker attack on both Skrill (Moneybookers at the time) and Neteller. As a result, criminals stole personal information, such as home addresses, email, phone numbers, birthdates, account balances, and even hints to passwords, of over 3.5M customers. Therefore, if you have been a Neteller user since 16th May 2010 or earlier, we highly recommend you check your data on to make sure you are safe.

Surely, Neteller has changed and developed its security system since then: they now have SSL and TSL encryptions, offer two-factor authentication, employ advanced fraud monitoring systems, comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and more.

However, you must still be aware of this case and implement some simple safety tips into your "routine."

Betpokies Expert Pick

As a part of my job, I often try out new online casinos and check how different payment methods are processed there, therefore, I know some important tips to keep myself safe.

Firstly, I always create strong passwords and do not use the same ones for several banking apps. What's more, I have several emails/aliases and use different ones for different accounts.

Secondly, I never share my info with third parties. It is very important that I only disclose this kind of sensitive information with trusted sites/people.

And thirdly, I do not keep large amounts on my e-wallet accounts. You never know what can happen, so it is better not to have more money than I can afford to lose in Neteller (or any other e-wallet).

John Gold John Gold

Neteller Pros & Cons

We are coming to the end of the article, so let me sum up all the advantages and disadvantages that we've discovered while using Neteller and browsing the Internet for other customers' experiences. Here is the pros and cons table for you!

  • No need to share financial details on the casino website
  • Neteller offers impressive VIP and Loyalty programs
  • Instant withdrawal and deposit transactions
  • You can both buy and sell crypto in the Neteller app
  • Neteller doesn't disclose details about your activity to the government without an official request
  • Safe and secure platform for all online payments along with iGaming activities
  • Neteller works with multiple currencies, including the Australian Dollar
  • High fees
  • There are cases of blocking accounts without refunding users' money
  • Neteller charges additional payment for not using your Neteller account for over 6 months

Alternatives of Neteller

If, after reading this article, you realise that Neteller is not your perfect option, BetPokies has prepared some alternatives for you.

If you want to enjoy the perks of a fast and reliable banking option without facing high fees, we recommend you another e-wallet, Sticpay. It is a popular and widely accepted payment method, and it is considered to be gambling-focused.

Here, at BetPokies, we also often use crypto as a payment option in online casinos. Crypto is widely accepted and, what's more, often offers bigger welcome bonuses. We usually prefer using USDT, as it is a stablecoin whose value doesn't change much. Withdrawals and deposits are almost always instant.

Last but not least are debit cards. If you are not a big fan of using Australian cards, try a virtual Revolut card. It is a pretty good option and widely accepted in online casinos.

Responsible Gambling Measures of Neteller

Neteller has a gambling block feature that allows you to restrict how funds are spent on gambling activities. Once enabled, any transactions with gambling vendors will be blocked. You can toggle this on/off in the settings or contact support. There is also a 48-hour cooling-off period after deactivating the block to prevent impulsive reactivation.

Also, if you use Neteller exclusively for gambling, the BetPokies team recommends you set a limit directly on your phone.

Go to Settings, click on the Screen Time section, choose App Limits, and Add Limit; there, among Productivity&Finance apps, click on the Neteller icon and set days when you want the app to be restricted for you.

Go to Settings, and click on the Digital Wellbeing &Parental Control (if you don't see that directly in the settings menu, check "Connections" or "Advanced settings" sections). Now, click on Dashboard or something similar, where you can manage individual app usage, find the Neteller app, and choose the days and times you want to have Neteller temporarily blocked.

In case these settings are not available on your device, we have an idea: you can open a new checking bank account dedicated specifically to funding Neteller, link your new bank account to the e-wallet, contact your bank with a request to disable your new account several times a week. Ask them to create a schedule when it is disabled and when you can use it.

If you think that your gambling activity is getting out of your control, we suggest you visit our Responsible Gambling page, where you can take a simple test to find out if your gambling activity is within the normal range and find lots of important information and tips.

Charles Morey

Charles Morey

Payment Method Expert

Charles joined BetPokies as an intern in 2022 after University of Melbourne (Finance), and has been the driving force behind content updates since then, ensuring our readers always see the latest information. He stayed on after his internship to continue his work refreshing our content.