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Crypto casinos revolutionize online gambling by offering unrestricted access, secure transactions, and anonymity. Powered by blockchain and smart contracts, these platforms ensure a safe gaming environment. With faster transactions, better odds, and higher payouts, they outperform traditional casinos. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are among the popular cryptocurrencies accepted. However, volatility and limited acceptance pose challenges for some users.

- Have minimum deposit requirements
- Provide safe and secure use
- Provide anonymity, fast transactions
- Unstable cryptocurrency value

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what is crypto

What is Crypto?

Cryptocurrencies are currencies that aren’t controlled by governments. These currencies, offered by tech companies, have their markets and are traded just like stocks.

The value of cryptocurrency can rise or fall at any time. These currencies are all electronic, and they rarely have a physical coin or bill available.

Because you possess these currencies online, you must use the company's website or app to access your cryptocurrencies. When you no longer have access, it’s going to be challenging to get your currency back. You can’t stuff these currencies under your mattress, and players can’t use them everywhere. You shouldn’t assume that the casino trades the cryptocurrency you’ve chosen.

If you’re not sure which currency to choose, you can try these listed below. You may have preference, or you can check out their exchange rates to determine which provides you with the best value. Values listed are those at the time of writing in July 2024.


Currently one Bitcoin is equivalent to about $19,000. It can be accessed in an app, and it can be used in more places than most simply because it’s the most popular cryptocurrency in the world.

Bitcoin Cash

One Bitcoin Cash is worth about $300, and it’s just a spinoff of Bitcoin that’s more affordable for the masses. When you’re using this currency, you should keep in mind that there are both Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV.


One Ethereum is worth about $600, and it’s part of a much larger open-source network that deals with cash, payments, and investments. As it was founded in 2015, it’s not as popular as Bitcoin even though it has quite a large market presence.


One Litecoin is worth about $85, and it’s also one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market. These currencies, however, are much more challenging to use in casinos as they drop in value or popularity.


Dogecoin was started in 2013 as part of a joke related to a meme called "Doge". It got so popular because of the meme, and while it’s used in some casinos, it’s not seen throughout the gambling industry.


Monero came out in the wake of Bitcoin and its popularity. One Monero is worth about $126, but it may not be popular enough for some casinos to use it.


Dash is partnered with Fanduel, and one coin costs about $112. While it is partnered with Fanduel, that does not mean it is going to be popular among other casinos that compete with Fanduel.


Ripple was designed to make payments faster, and it isn’t minable. While this is an advantage for many people, it also makes the currency less popular for casinos. Sadly, it’s valued at under $1.


One ZCash is valued at almost $80, but it isn’t one of the more popular currencies on the market. Even so, you might find it simpler to use and more affordable than others.

How to Make Deposit with Cryptocurrency

When you choose Bitcoin casinos or any other type of cryptocurrency to play with, you’ll deposit as you would with a credit card or bank account. You’ll use an API, connect to your cryptocurrency app, and add money to your account. The deposit is a straightforward thing to do, and you can see the "HTTPS" at the top of the screen. Of course, if the connection isn’t secure, you shouldn’t use that website.

Get a wallet

Registration of an online wallet is quite simple and includes several stages:

Go to the selected site and open the Wallet tab.
Then press the Register button.

In the window that opens, enter your data:
e-mail address and password.

Confirm registration or account via e-mail (by link) or SMS (by code).

Go back to the site and log into the wallet.

In the menu or personal account, make settings following individual requirements.

Find the Security Center section or its equivalent and activate multi-level identification for login, confirm the trusted IP address, or perform other actions to protect the wallet from unauthorized access.

If necessary, create bitcoin wallet. As a rule, form opens with fields that you need to fill out (sometimes you need to enter a captcha — letters and numbers from the picture).

After that, the mnemonic key will open to restore access, which must be copied or overwritten and stored in a safe place.

Buy Crypto

The easiest way to buy cryptocurrency is through exchangers. As a rule, they provide an opportunity to purchase the most popular digital assets included in the top 20 in terms of capitalization. Among them are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and others.

  • Create an account on a crypto exchange and go through identity verification (if required);
  • Add to the balance of the exchange the assets with which you want to purchase cryptocurrency. Most platforms support fiat funds, which means that you can make a purchase directly with AUD, USD, EUR, etc;
  • Exchange the assets. Some exchanges allow you to do this quickly and easily using a simple exchange mechanism (the current rate will be used). Or you can go to the trading terminal and create an order to buy the cryptocurrency you need.

You can pay for coins in different ways. For example, using bank cards, payment systems such as PayPal, BPAY, and others, by phone number, cash, and other methods.

For the purchase of cryptocurrency through virtual exchanges, you'll have to pay a commission fee. Its size can vary over a wide range, but usually, it is 1-2%. The amount of the commission depends on the cryptocurrency you choose, the payment method, and the specific exchanger. If the crypto coin is not popular, the fees will be higher. The commission charged by the exchanger may also differ due to the size of the internal commission set by the payment system.

Find the Crypto Online Casino

The most important parameter when choosing casino is its honesty. However, it is impossible to ensure against fraudulent activities on the Internet. Nevertheless, you can reduce the likelihood that the site will turn out to be a scam, i.e. will not allow you to withdraw the won money under one pretext or another. Here are five main criteria to look out for when choosing cryptocurrency casino.


Take a little time to find out in which country the casino is registered. It is essential, as gambling is allowed at the legislative level in only 85 countries and some states of America. It is also worth checking with the support service if it is possible to withdraw money for residents of your country.

Availability of a license
Availability of a license

An online casino must be registered and licensed, and if it does not have such documents, then the project is almost guaranteed to be fraudulent.


If the casino website provides information about supported software, it is a good sign. Also, look in the relevant sections of the site for lines about the fairness of the games being played.

HTTPS support
HTTPS support

Do not neglect this point. The presence of HTTPS in the site address indicates that the platform belongs to a real company.

Reviews about the portal
Reviews about the portal

If casino has been operating for a long time, you will find real reviews about its work on various forums. User comments can clarify many details — the quality of the support service, the software, possible problems with the withdrawal of funds, etc.

Based on these essential points, you can check any casino yourself and decide whether it is worthy of your attention or not.

Create Account

To enjoy playing at the selected casino for real money, you will need to create an account. Registration usually takes only a couple of minutes. You will need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website of the casino;
  • Find the Register button and click it;
  • Provide the email address, phone number and create a password;
  • Fill in the personal data card: name, gender, age, country of residence;
  • Decide on the currency of your account;
  • Confirm familiarity with the rules of the casino and attain the age of 18;
  • After creating an account, you will receive a mail to the specified email that you need to open and confirm the registration.

By registering, you will get access to the full functionality and be able to appreciate all the benefits of additional control over the integrity. It's presence allows you to find out the statistics of winnings and the history of bets. Thanks to this, you will be able to predict your future gambling results.

Make Deposit With Crypto

It is easy to deposit with crypto cash. The procedure for making a deposit does not change with change of coin. In other words, no matter what coins you have, the sequence of the stages of making a deposit looks the same:

  • Go to the casino website
  • Sign in or log in; 
  • Set Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or other coins as the main currency of your gambling account;
  • Open the Cashier or Deposit section;
  • You’ll see the address of the cryptocurrency wallet (up to 35 digits). Copy it.
  • Go to the exchanger or open your wallet. Enter the copied address into the appropriate field.
  • Confirm the transaction.

Depositing with crypto money usually takes a few minutes. It should be noted that the casino is not responsible for the speed of crypto transactions.

Verify the Transaction

When you replenish your casino account from your wallet and back, you make a transaction. The average block confirmation timeout for over 99% of transactions is over an hour. The higher the sender's commission, the higher his priority will be when processing transfers. If the commission is too low, the transaction will be processed for a long time (from an hour to several days), and it may get stuck for a long time or be canceled altogether. Any user can track the transfer of cryptocurrency using a special service - a blockchain browser.

If you prefer to play in casino, it will be useful to save Blockchain sites to track transactions yourself.

How to Make Crypto Withdrawal

When you want to withdraw cryptocurrencies, you’ll establish your connection to the crypto app through an API. The money will be sent back to your account, and it’ll be converted into your cryptocurrency given the current exchange rate. This is why you should check your exchange rate before withdrawing. You may want to wait if you believe your cryptocurrency's value will drop and give you a little more weight in return.

Generate New Crypto Address

Note that an address and a wallet are not the same things. An address or private key is the path that allows transactions to be accepted. A wallet is a software that essentially consists of a private key and one or many public keys. It stores information about all previously used keys, as well as incoming and outgoing bitcoin transactions. Besides, additional functions can be built into the wallet to increase the anonymity of transactions.

In some wallets, by default, the function of creating a new address is set for each incoming transaction. It increases the user's anonymity. But if you do not need this function, you can change the settings by checking the box next to the Permanent address option. Have you accidentally used old addresses to fulfill the transaction? — It's ok! The crypto money will be redirected to the current one. To see all the addresses associated with the private key, you need to go to the Address Management section in your wallet.

Create Withdrawal Crypto Claim

You can withdraw winnings from your casino account to any cryptocurrency wallet. The procedure is simple and contains only a few steps:

  • You need to log in to the casino website;
  • Go to the Cashier section;
  • Select cryptocurrency transfers as a payment method;
  • Click on the option you need BTC, ETH, XRP, XMR, etc;
  • In the proper field, indicate how much money you plan to withdraw. Usually, the system indicates the total amount minus the commission of the crypto service;
  • Paste your wallet details into the address field.

As a rule, a withdrawal request will be processed within a few hours. Only the workload of the cryptocurrency platform will influence the speed of the transaction.

Minimum Deposits with Crypto

While most cryptocurrencies can be transferred for free, there is a minimum deposit amount and an address creation fee. The address creation fee is a one-time fee charged from the first deposit to the newly created deposit address. Let's take a look at the minimum fees of the most popular cryptocurrencies in modern online casinos.

Cryptocurrency Min Deposit
Bitcoin 0.0001 BTC
Bitcoin Cash 0.0006 BCH
Ethereum 0.05 ETH
Litecoin 0.01 LTC
Dogecoin None
Monero None
Ripple None
Zcash 0.005 ZEC

If the deposit amount is below the required minimum, funds will not be credited to your account.

Crypto Deposit Bonuses

Rapidly gaining popularity, which is largely facilitated by the bonus policy. So, you can create a cryptocurrency account and receive crypto freebies for registration, making a deposit, and other activities.

The bonus policy of cryptocurrency casinos is not much different from sites that do not use BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, and other coins.

  • Operators develop complimentary packs, willingly offer rewards for deposits and regular play;
  • Reliable operators offer gamblers combined deposit incentive packages consisting of crypto coins and free spins. Such offers can contain from 10 to 100 or more free spins. Free spins are awarded at a time or in equal installments over several days.
  • The most generous gifts for cryptocurrency deposits will get high rollers. Operators reward customers who are willing to invest large sums. The wager for such rewards is set at an average level, and the size of the maximum bet is increased several times, which corresponds to the usual gaming experience of high rollers.

No deposit bonuses in bitcoin casinos are rare, which is primarily due to the high cost of tokens. However, some casinos still distribute cryptocurrency no-deposits, setting increased requirements for wagering: high wager, short terms for activation and use, playing at low rates.

Crypto Bonus

325% up to ₿2,5 + 200FS

no code required
Golden Crown
Crypto Bonus

100% up to ₿0.1 +100 FS

Bonus code: GC100

Pros and Cons of Crypto Gambling

When you’re thinking of what to do, you also need to remember that cryptocurrencies have their ups and downs. Yes, there are positives, but they must be weighed against the negatives.

  • Anonymity
  • Quick transactions
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Easy withdrawals back to your account
  • It acts almost like an investment
  • You can do everything on mobile
  • The value of the cryptocurrency might drop
  • Some casinos might not take the currency you’ve chosen
  • You can’t use cryptocurrency as an alternative when paying off credit cards you’ve used while gambling
  • Because the market is shifting, you might run out of cryptocurrency faster than you think

Software Providers

Many providers try to follow modern trends, so among the assortment, you will find games from the following leading developers:

Crypto software providers
Pragmatic Play, Fugaso, Endorphina, Booming Games, Microgaming, Igrosoft, NetEnt, Quickspin, ELK Studios, Nolimit City, Thunderkick, Spinomenal, Blueprint Gaming, Wazdan and many others.

In general, you will find the same games in crypto casinos as in other online casinos. Among the games, there are a lot of dice games as they seem to be very popular. The best dice games you'll see at casinos include Bitcoin Dice and Satoshi Dice. Apart from these crypto-focused games, you can play online pokies, live dealer games, poker, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette.


As a result of testing many cryptocasinos, I have found that cryptocasinos have several advantages over traditional online casinos. Using cryptocurrencies, users can bypass restrictions, enjoy secure transactions and maintain their anonymity. These platforms provide a secure gaming environment thanks to smart contracts and blockchain technology. In addition, cryptocasinos offer higher payouts, better odds and various bonuses for cryptocurrency deposits.

However, disadvantages, such as cryptocurrency volatility and limited acceptance by some online casinos, should also be considered. Cryptocasinos provide an attractive alternative for players who value freedom, security and an improved gaming experience, despite potential drawbacks such as cryptocurrency volatility and limited acceptance by some online casinos.


Casinos typically don’t offer bonuses for using cryptocurrencies. You’ll get the same perks that you get with any other currency. This also means you’re subject to bonus rules that don’t allow you to withdraw immediately.
Yes. Cryptocurrencies are set up to be as safe as possible. They cannot be counterfeited, and they’re provided through a secure server. They also use a secure API to work with online casinos where applicable.
Yes. When you buy cryptocurrency, you’re waiting for it to rise or fall in value, but you can also use it to shop or gamble in an online casino. Take a look at your options and make the choice that matches your playing style.