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Klarna is a European fintech company, providing fast payments and BNPL services. The company cooperates with over 200,000 merchants, including online casinos. Klarna offers instant transactions without fees, though, there are some cons, like the fact that famous "Pay After Delivery" is not available for gambling. Read on to learn more insights from the BetPokies team!

✓ Klarna deposits are instant, secure
✓ Not all casinos allow you to use Klarna for withdrawals
✓ SOFORT deposits eligible for bonuses
✓ Available in AUD currency

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Klarna for Gambling

Klarna is a fintech brand established in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2005, specifically for use in online shopping. Over time, the company spread its services to making casino payments as well.

However, you should know that Klarna was not specifically created for gambling; not every casino accepts it as a payment method, and there are no gambling-related programs or responsible gambling tools, unlike Neteller, for example. Besides, Klarna is mostly not accepted for withdrawals. Even its most popular feature, "Pay after delivery," cannot be used for gambling purposes. However, you can still make gambling transactions via Klarna (in case you avoid using BNPL services of the company).

There are some attractive features for gamblers: the company offers its customers the chance to try their one-time-use virtual card, which can help them control spending, and Klarna payments are instant. Plus, Klarna implements no fees for depositing and withdrawing funds.

Klarna has become one of Europe’s largest online banks, providing fast casino payment solutions to more than 150 million consumers across 45 countries. In 2014, Klarna acquired Sofort, and at that same time, Klarna Group was created. Currently, it handles about two million daily transactions and accounts for approximately 10% of the e-commerce market share in Northern Europe.

Klarna Fees

Klarna's fees are one of its advantages, which extremely appeal to customers. The company doesn't impose any fees at all on casino transactions. Yes, you heard it right: depositing online casinos via Klarna is free. What's more, there are no annual payments, maintenance fees, etc. The only exception for it are fees for late payments. But these are only for customers who use BNPL services, which are, once again, not available for gambling.

However, keep in mind that casino often impose their own fees, which you can read about on the Terms&Conditions page of the gambling site.

Verification Process

The verification process is usually one of the steps that takes people some time to complete, and Klarna is no exception. At the company's website, you can find information that to pass the verification process, Klarna will send you an SMS to confirm your phone number, a verification code to your email address to confirm your email, and ask you to log into your bank to verify your identity.

Also, you will be obligated to complete the KYC procedure by uploading your ID, passport, or driver's license (make sure they are current and valid) and a selfie holding it. To confirm your residential address, you will be asked to provide your utility bill or a bank statement that is no older than 90 days.

Note that all the photos must be bright and clear to make the verification process seamless.

However, Klarna does not require you to make an account to use direct banking services (Pay now).

Tip to Avoid Verifications Issues

Many people struggle completing Klarna verification process, because their account name doesn't match with their full name. The BetPokies team highly recommends you check if the name you put when making an account is the same as in your passport.

If this is not the problem, we suggest you contact the customer support of Klarna.

Customer Support

Theoretically, Klarna's customer service is fine: they offer phone, chat, and email support. However, as you know from the About Us page, checking other users' reviews is an integral part of our research routine.

a part of our research routine, we checked other users' issues. The BetPokies team learned that customer support is a big part of complaints.

A common situation for Klarna's support team is ignoring customer issues. We have found many reviews with similar stories: "I cancelled my order, but Klarna still requests me to pay. Customer support gives general advice without actual professional help". There is a Trustpilot post where a person got into a situation where they were forced to pay out a debt they didn't request. As we can see on the Trustpilot site, there has been no response from Klarna since the day the complaint was posted (29 December 2023).

Betpokies Expert Pick

When I learned about such situations, I decided to contact Klarna directly in order to hear both sides of the story. However, after 72 hours of waiting, I've gotten no response.

Nevertheless, I believe that it's better to try to do something than give up. Therefore, if you have faced any unpleasant situation with Klarna, you can contact them via post mail Klarna Australia Pty Ltd, Level 16, 175 Pitt Street, SYDNEY NSW 2000), or contact their Customer Service Department. But note that Klarna is a big company, so you will probably have to wait for more than 3 business days.

Charles Morey Charles Morey

Transaction Speed and Limits

Regarding depositing time, Klarna does a good job. When using it as a depositing method at online casinos, you can expect the transaction to be instant. Problems might appear on the casino's end, as gambling sites sometimes take more to accept payments.

Klarna's payments are considered convenient and secure. However, it takes 2-3 business days to pay out money from Klarna. Also, don't forget that casino withdrawals via Klarna are mostly unaccepted.

The minimum deposit amount you can send into your Klarna account is about $10. The maximum you can fund your account at once is $5,000. Even though Klarna doesn't specify the minimum deposit amount, on average, it varies from $10 to $20. The maximum you can withdraw from your account at once is $5,000.

Deposits and Withdrawals

As you already know, no online gambling site can be funded using the BNPL services of Klarna or any other brand. You may have read on BetPokies' Gambling Laws page that the use of credit cards at online casinos in Australia is prohibited. This is because problematic gamblers might be unable to stop on time and keep chasing losses to the point that they can't repay them. The same reason is behind the fact that "Buy Now Pay Later" services are not used for gambling.

However, while Klarna was not originally designed for gambling, it can still be used at some online casinos. The process of depositing is simple, following classic instructions:

  • Log in or register in a chosen casino.
  • Make sure a chosen casino accepts Klarna on their Payments/Banking page or ask customer support of the gambling site.
  • Click on Deposit and choose Klarna among other payment methods.
  • Enter the amount. The casino will then ask you to share the email or phone number linked to your Klarna account.
  • The gambling site will redirect you to Klarna in order to confirm the transaction.
  • The payment is made! Wait for your casino balance to be updated!

In case you don't see Klarna among payment options when making a deposit, contact customer support service. They might turn on this option for you manually or let you know that there are conditions under which you can use Klarna at the casino (making deposits of a certain amount, completing KYC, etc.)

Klarna's Virtual Card

Klarna allows users to create a one-time-use virtual card. If you want to have better spending control and privacy of your bank details, you can create a virtual card and use it for deposits (but not withdrawals). The virtual card works like any other credit or debit card, the difference is that it can only be used once. Be careful, as Klarna's virtual card is valid only for 24 hours. However, if there is some amount left, or you haven't used the card at all, the money can be refunded on the Purchase page of the brand.

Here is a quick instruction on how to create the card: in the Klarna app, select Home and navigate to the One-time card option (it is located at the top of your screen), set the spending amount, and link the virtual card to your credit or debit card.

Note that gambling sites might not accept the virtual card. Therefore, always check it before trying to use it. If nothing is said about it in the Payment/Banking section of the website, contact customer support.

Withdrawals via Klarna

In the context of withdrawing funds through Klarna, it is worth noting that most online casinos do not offer the possibility to withdraw winnings via this system. However, we advise you to check the Terms&Conditions and Payments/Banking section of your online casino's website to confirm whether Klarna withdrawals are actually available. If the casino supports this option, the procedure will be similar to the deposit process.

Bank transfer is often suggested as the best alternative in case Klarna withdrawals are not available. But don't forget that instead of Klarna, you can see SOFORT as a withdrawal method.

Difference Between Klarna and SOFORT

Klarna and SOFORT are often mistakenly considered the same payment method, though this is not true. As mentioned previously, Klarna acquired SOFORT in 2014, and the Klarna Group was formed. However, both brands operate independently and offer separate banking services. Sofort Direct Banking is an online banking/bank transfer payment method that allows users to make fast direct payments from their bank account to merchants (the brand doesn't provide BNPL services.). Also, one of the advantages is that, unlike Klarna, Sofort doesn't make any credit history checks to approve your payments.


Overall, licensed payment methods have pretty similar security features, such as SSL and TLS encryptions, 2FA, etc. Therefore, it doesn't make much sense to describe all of them.

Instead, here, we would like to share a data breach case that happened to Klarna not so long ago. At the end of May 2021, Klarna started getting numerous customer reports about weird things happening, like the X (Twitter) post attached. Users were complaining that when they attempted to log in to their accounts, they accidentally entered the accounts of other people.

Klarna temporarily closed users' accounts and opened an investigation. Klarna CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski assured consumers that there were no outside hacker attacks, but an IT problem within the company itself. This "IT error" resulted in the personal information (including names, phone numbers, emails, and card numbers) of more than 9,000 customers being at risk of being exposed. However, the CEO of Klarna also noted that none of the obfuscated bank details were in danger.

If you want to ensure that your data has never been stolen (from Klarna or any other sources), go to the haveibeenpwned.com, enter your email, and see the results.

Klarna Security

As an experienced finance expert, I would recommend you to follow simple tips to avoid getting into a situation where your banking data is at risk of being disclosed:
1. Create unique passwords for each of your banking methods.
2. Whenever possible, enable two-factor authentication. Plus, nowadays, almost every licensed payment method offers and even encourages users to do so.
3. Turn on banking alerts. Your bank will send you notifications in case of any activity going on your account.
Keep your banking activity safe!

Rebecca Lake Rebecca Lake


We are reaching the end of the article, so let's make some conclusions and highlight the pros and cons of the famous "Buy Now, Pay Later" European service Klarna:

  • Klarna is often accepted by online casinos.
  • Klarna provides instant transactions.
  • Payments are interest-free.
  • Almost no casino allows withdrawing via Klarna.
  • Customer support service might not provide proper professional assistance.
  • Klarna checks customers' credit history.
  • BNPL services are not available for gambling!

Alternatives for Klarna

If, after trying out Klarna for gambling or reading this article, you realise that this payment method is not suitable for you, we are glad to recommend other options.

Here at BetPokies, we often use crypto when trying new casino brands. This payment method is acceptable in 99% of online casinos and offers fast and secure transactions. Our team of gambling experts usually prefers USDT as it is a stablecoin whose value doesn’t change much.

You can also try e-wallets. There are multiple of them nowadays, but we would like to draw your attention to Neteller (we have prepared a detailed guide about it, where you can find numerous useful insights) and Sticpay. They both are gambling-focused, fast, and secure.

And old but gold — debit cards. Yes, they are pretty slow and complete transactions only in 1–3 days, but these are always trustworthy payment options.

PayPal as an Alternative for Klarna

You might have heard, that PayPal, like Klarna, operates "Pay in 4" service on the basis of breaking down payments into multiple parts. Nevertheless, by default, PayPal does not allow it to be used for gaming-related purposes.

However, there are numerous online casinos that might accept PayPal as a mean of payment. But once you attempt to make a casino transaction, it is possible for your account and all remaining funds to be closed as per their terms and conditions. Therefore, do not think about PayPal’s "Pay in 4" instead of Klarna's similar feature. This will not work for gambling!

Resposible Gambling

As mentioned at the beginning, Klarna is not exactly a payment option for gambling. Therefore, there are no specific built-in measures for responsible gambling. But the BetPokies team has still come up with a solution for you.

In order to have better control of your gambling spending, you can create a one-time-use virtual card. The disadvantage here is that you can create them literally an unlimited amount of times, so it might not be that useful.

If you use the Klarna app on your phone, you can set limits directly on your phone. Here are quick guides on how to do that on both iPhone and Android.

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click on the Screen Time section.

  3. Choose App Limits, and click on Add Limit.

  4. Among Productivity&Finance apps, choose the Klarna icon and set days when you want the app to be restricted for you.

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click on the Digital Wellbeing&Parental Control (if you don't see that directly in the settings menu, check the "Connections" or "Advanced settings" sections). 

  3. Click on Dashboard or something similar, where you can manage individual app usage.

  4.  Find the Klarna app, and choose the days and times you want to have Neteller temporarily blocked.

You can learn more responsible gambling tactics, read overall interesting information on this topic, and find Australian agencies that can help you if you're struggling with gambling addiction (or want to prevent it) on our Responsible Gambling page.

Charles Morey

Charles Morey

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Charles joined BetPokies as an intern in 2022 after University of Melbourne (Finance), and has been the driving force behind content updates since then, ensuring our readers always see the latest information. He stayed on after his internship to continue his work refreshing our content.