What Casino Game Has Best Odds for Payout?

What Casino Game Has Best Odds for Payout?

Every gambler knows that casino games are mostly about luck. But we people are curious and creative creatures, so mathematicians have never lost their desire to "hack" these games of chance.

Even though there is no 100% guarantee to win any casino game, there are ways to increase your odds. In this article, you will get acquainted with the most famous strategies and read reliable advice for successful gambling.

One of the most basic but at the same time useful tip is to choose a game with a lower house edge. House edge refers to the percentage of a casino's advantage over you as a player. So, basically it represents the average profit a casino expects to make from each bet of yours, expressed as a percentage.

To calculate house edge, you need to consider the chances of winning for both the casino and the player, along with their respective payouts. The higher the house edge, the more likely the casino is to win over time, which means it's important for new gamblers to understand and compare house edges across different games and bets.


Not all online pokies are created equal. Proof of this is the different payout rates of pokies games. This is why, as a savvy player, you must also check the payout rates of online pokies before choosing the game to put your money in.

Keep in mind that a higher RTP, which is short for Return to Player (RTP), is always more advantageous for players. (RTP is the opposite of house edge)

Here are three of the top pokies with the best RTP.

Mega Joker


Mega Joker is a pokies game developed by NetEnt, featuring a distinct, classic arcade-style design. The game's unique aspect is the Supermeter feature, which differentiates it from many modern online slots.

It consists of two interconnected classic fruit slots. The game structure includes 3 reels, 3 rows, and 5 paylines. Players can engage in various modes, some of which only have 1 active payline.

Prior to gameplay, players set their bet size and coin value, and after reaching the third or fourth rounds, they can select their preferred limit.

Golden Chance


Golden Chance is a 3x3 video slot by BF games where the aim is to align identical symbols along a payline.

Winning combinations start from the left reel and only the highest win per line is paid. Line wins are multiplied by the bet value, while scatter wins are multiplied by the game bet. Nine matching fruit symbols, including an Expanding Wild, triple total winnings.

888 Gold


888 Gold, a classic-themed slot by Pragmatic Play launched in 2017, offers a 3x3 reel structure, up to 5 active lines, and bets from $ 0.01 to 25.

The game, available on various devices and with a free mode, features medium volatility. Rewards depend on deposits and symbol values. 

The game's special symbol, a red eight (wild), can replace others and form its own combinations. Standard symbols include BAR inscriptions, Chinese lanterns, and gold coins.

If you want to find more high-paying pokies or learn more about this game, the BetPokies team has prepared the perfect article for you - Online Pokies.


Unlike other casino games, blackjack isn't purely a game of luck. In this game, players can strategize or even apply their card-counting skills to make the outcome of the game more favorable for them. This is why seasoned card players love playing blackjack.

There's another reason why players like this game. It offers players a high winning score of 99%. This means the house advantage or edge is 1%. Those without many strategies to employ will have a house edge of roughly 2% to 3%.

If you have mastery of basic gaming skills, then blackjack is the best game to play to get serious money. This is the reason many VIP players and high rollers prefer blackjack.

In online blackjack, a good internet connection is crucial for playing, and the absence of a physical dealer can make the game less engaging and entertaining.


Roulette is a pure game of chance as the table will be the one to determine your fortune or fate. This game, after all, only entails placing bets on where the ball will end on the spinning wheel.

It's risky, with each spin having a 1/37 or 1/38 chance of winning depending on the version. What you need to consider is that the roulette wheel you choose has a huge role to play in increasing your probability of winning.

There are two main kinds of roulette: American and European. The two are almost identical since both types have the following characteristics:

  • Numbers range anywhere from 1 to 36
  • Each number is either in black or red colors
  • So how do the two differ? The answer lies in terms of odds
  • European roulette has one green zero (0)
  • American roulette has one green zero (0) and a green double (00)

Playing online roulette is generally not profitable due to the house edge:

- American roulette: 5.26%
- European roulette:  2.7%

While it can be entertaining, it should not be seen as a reliable income source due to its unpredictable nature.


Baccarat has one of the highest payouts among casino games, thus making it one of the most popular games as well. 

The amounts wagered are quite substantial too, which means players are also prone to losing or winning a significant amount of money because of its high payout and the relatively high amount of money wagered. 

In Baccarat, the terms 'player', 'banker', and 'tie' are not actual people, but possible outcomes on which individuals can place their bets.

- The 'Player' is a term for one of the two hands dealt in a round, on which individuals can bet believing it will have the higher value.
- The 'Banker' is the other hand dealt in Baccarat, and individuals can wager on it if they believe it will end up with a superior value than the player's hand.
- The 'Tie' is a betting outcome where it is predicted that both the player's and the banker's hands will end up having the same value.

Typically, online casino sites let the bankers win roughly 50.68% of the time while the players win around 49.32% of the total outcomes. This means that the house edge is around -1.36.

Keep these three kinds of wagers in mind when playing baccarat.

- Player - The house edge is about 1.36
- Banker - The house edge is about 1.06%
- Tie - The house edge is about 14.4%

Video Poker

Video poker is known for offering substantially better odds of winning among many online casino games. Plus, the game rules and mechanics are straightforward, which makes the game exciting to both newbies and veterans.

How often players hit the jackpots in video poker varies but there are some benchmarks.

Jackpot Odds
Royal Flush ending han 40,000:1
Royal Flush dealt 650,000:1
2’s – 4’s 2,601:1
2’s – 4’s with a kicker 6,984:1
Four Aces with a kicker 16,236:1
Four Deuces 4,909:1
Four Aces 5,761:1
Four of a kind 423:1
Flush 85:1
Full House 90:1
Straight Flush 9,150:1
Straight 80:1


The range of the house edge of Craps is quite wide. It can be anywhere from 0.0% to 10%.

What this means is that there will be zero house edge for odd bets while the house edge is 1.41% for the Pass Line bet.  On the other hand, both 12 bets and proposition bets have a 10% house edge.

For example

If you place a AU$100 odd bet, you could expect a fair return as there's no house edge. If you wager AU$100 on a Pass Line bet, you could statistically expect to lose approximately AU$1.41, given the 1.41% house edge. However, if you place a AU$100 bet on 12 or a proposition bet, the expected loss would increase to AU$10 due to the higher 10% house edge.

Keep in mind that the average house edge at your craps table is typically influenced by the total amount of your bet.  Usually, online gambling sites have 3X odds, bringing the house average to 0.47% for Pass Line Odds and 0.34% for Don't Pass.

If you want to lower the house edge, you can opt to bet with higher multiples.


Keno is known for being about numbers. This means, there is no strategy to learn or used to keep the house edge lower. This game is a luck game as players simply need to pick the right numbers.

There are 80 numbers in Keno, and only 20 are chosen for a draw. You must choose one to 15 numbers, and each player will be paid according to the numbers that they chose and were drawn.

A player's chance of picking the winning combination is 6.01% while the odds for winning at Keno is 0.9399.


At the top-paying online casinos that utilize actual money, classic blackjack boasts the highest payout percentages, exceeding 99%. Additionally, some baccarat and craps bets have exceptional odds among online casino games.

If you are looking for a casino game with the best payout, then consider your knowledge and skills in casino games. If you are good at Blackjack for example, then it could be the best game for you. If your knowledge is limited then consider playing casino games that have high returns but do not require skill or familiarity.

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