Do Casinos Report Winnings in Australia?

Do Casinos Report Winnings in Australia?

Understanding the requirements and tax implications of reporting winnings from Australian casinos is essential. This article will give you an overview of how casino winnings are reported and taxed in Australia.

Cases in Which Casino Can Report Your Winnings

Casinos in AU are obligated to report certain winnings to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) under specific circumstances. These include jackpot wins exceeding a certain threshold, wins from gambling activities conducted in a professional or business-like manner, and suspicious transactions that may indicate money laundering or illegal activities.

What Are the Taxes on Online Casino Winnings

In terms of Australian tax legislation, gambling earnings from online casinos are mostly not considered taxable income. However, individual states and territories impose taxes on casino revenues, which are passed down to the players through a “gaming tax” or “casino levy” mechanism.

Gambling Taxes When Playing at Offshore Casinos (Casinos Without a License in Australia)

Typically, overseas gaming platforms do not have legal obligations to report or withhold any amounts due from Australians’ winnings. However, you should familiarise yourself with possible taxation implications while playing at offshore unlicensed establishments. In case you play at the best paying online casino Australia has ever had and then wonder about its compatibility to taxability, in general terms, all Australians are required by law to report their worldwide gains to ATO, including profits from gambling games, which include winnings. Nevertheless, this tax liability can change depending on certain situations and whether there are any applicable treaties between Australia and the involved jurisdiction abroad.

How Do I File Tax on Gambling Winning?

To file taxes on gambling winnings in Australia, individuals need to include their gambling income in their annual tax returns. Here are the steps to file taxes on gambling winnings:

  1. Record All Bets Accurately: Keep track of your bets by noting dates, places where they took place, plus sums received as well as lost alongside relevant receipts. 
  2. Complete the Tax Return Process: When filing out annual returns, enter all your gaming earnings under the appropriate title/section.
  3. Calculate Net Winnings: Subtract all legitimate losses incurred during gaming from overall earnings made from betting.
  4. Report as Individual or Professional: In case you engage in betting professionally, you will possibly need an ABN (Australian Business Number) and report your earnings from gambling as business income.
  5. If you have complex gambling income or are unsure about the tax implications, consider consulting a tax professional specialising in gambling taxation. 
  6. Submit your fully filled-out form either electronically through the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website or post it before the due date to avoid penalties.

What to Do If I Don’t Pay Gambling Taxes

If any winnings, that must be taxed according to Australian legislation, are not taxed, heavy fines may be imposed as punishment for failing to comply. The ATO can use different mechanisms, such as tax audits, to detect those who do not follow the rules regarding their taxes. If you forgot or deliberately left out declaring your winnings from staking, this is your chance to make good by disclosing them and paying what is due to the Australian Tax Office (ATO).


Our study analysed cases where Australian casinos provide winnings data to the ATO in cases when a player wins huge jackpots, he/she is a professional gambler, or there are suspicious transactions. However, even if online casino winnings are mostly exempted from taxation, compliance with ATO directives remains necessary. Failure to pay these gaming levies may incur penalties. Also, the BetPokies team advise you to talk to experts concerning accurate reporting and advice on taxation matters.

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