How to Transfer Money from Astropay Card to Other Wallet

How to Transfer Money from Astropay Card to Other Wallet

If you are a true enthusiast of online poker, you should know that there are various methods for online money transfers in Australia. AstroPay could serve an example of one of them. In this article, we will dive deep into finding out more about AstroPay itself, how to use it and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the service.

What is Astropay?

AstroPay is a prepaid card, which means it is a perfect option for responsible gambling. Prepaid cards overall work similarly to each other: you buy a card with a specific amount on it ($10, $20, $50, etc.), and you spend it online.

The brand itself isn't a young one. It was established back in 2009, targeting Australian, Asian, and South American markets.

How to Get AstroPay Card

Buying AstroPay card isn't something difficult. You just have to go onto the AstroPay website, click on the ‘Purchase Now’ box, select the card, key in the details, and then wait for the card to come through to you.

Then, just in a few hours, you’ll already have the card details (number and the CVV code) in your inbox.

Please be careful with the card information, not to lose it or let it be stolen.

Transferring Money from Astropay Card to Other Digital Wallets

The company recently came out with a new feature for the solution called ‘Transfer’ that enables customers to send money from the prepaid card to other digital wallets, a product rolled out in 2022.

If you still haven't tried the feature, you can finally do so by following the simple steps:

  1. On the AstroPay app, click the Payments Links button. It won't take much time to create the URL.
  2. Establish a new payment link in step two. Either make other payment URLs or use the same one again.
  3. Choose the money transfer sum and the currency. You will select a name for every link's identification.
  4. Afterwards, you can share the link wherever you like to transfer money to your preferred wallet.

Advantages of Astropay

  • The transactions are instant.
  • AstroPay implements strong end-to-end identity verification and encrypted communications. Plus, the bank details are not disclosed to third parties.
  • You can send money in AUD.

Disadvantages of Astropay

  • AstroPay may well not be offered at your preferred online casino, despite the fact that the variety of gambling websites offering it is constantly expanding.
  • You must first create an AstroPay account to buy a virtual card, and only then use the AstroPay card to transfer funds.
  • Withdrawals via AstroPay can require numerous business days to process.


I hope this article helped you with learning how to use AstroPay. Now, you can now enjoy your favourite games at gambling site without the risk of your data getting stolen.

And don't forget about practising responsible gambling.

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