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BETER is a respected gaming solution provider in today’s online gaming industry. With their division called BETER Live, they provide live dealer experiences for today’s players. Their focus is next-gen live casino products.

- Provides realistic experiences with use of technology and studio setup
- Mobile responsive, even offering one-handed mode
- Award-winning and showcased by market-leading casinos

The Best Casinos

  • Certified Certified
  • Safe & secure Safe & secure
  • Expertly rated Expertly rated
  • Trusted Trusted

up to $1,500

+500 Free Spins

  • PayID performance test passed
  • Play over 3,000 games by 45+ providers
  • Accepts crypto in addition to AUD
  • Good range of bonuses
  • Huge selection of games in the sportsbook

100% up to $750

+200 Free Spins

  • Live dealer games
  • Multiple languages available
  • Casino and sportsbook
  • Over 10,000 pokies

About BETER Live

BETER is a Ukrainian brand, started in 2018. Their vision is to offer “next-gen live casino products and gaming solutions”. Today, they have multiple divisions, including BETER Sports and BETER Gaming. BETER Live is a division they launched in 2021 to provide online casino experiences that are so immersive they closely resemble a land-based establishment.

Besides using high-tech solutions such as excellent camera gear to host live casino games, they also offer casinos the option of customisation. So, playing a BETER Live casino game on your favourite online casino can be unique in terms of dealer outfits and icon colours. An online casino can even request a completely new product, which BETER Live will help create for them specifically. This helps create the idea of being in a real-life scenario, as you won’t get that specific experience anywhere else.

List of BETTER Live Casinos as of July 2024

  • Certified Certified
  • Safe & secure Safe & secure
  • Expertly rated Expertly rated
  • Trusted Trusted

up to $1,500

+500 Free Spins


100% up to $750

+200 Free Spins

100% up to AU$ 2,100

+200 Free Spins

225% up to AU$1,667

+600 Free Spins & Secret Bonus

225% up to $4,000

+150 Free Spins

up to $2,400

+140 Free Spins


up to $3,520

+800 Free Spins

up to $5,000

+300 Free Spins


up to $4,500

+150 Free Spins

Games by BETER Live

BETER Live can provide for many players’ preferences, as they do offer live versions of a wide range of real money casino games. Also, you’ll find multiple options within different categories, giving players freedom of choice. Therefore, as with a brick-and-mortar casino, you won’t easily get bored. Simply navigate to a different dealer’s table by clicking on an empty seat whenever you wish.


  • The language of voice over is customisable in Auto Roulette
  • Heavy accents for some languages make dealers difficult to understand

BETER Live includes these roulette variants: European, American and French versions of the game, catering to players around the globe. Games also differ in terms of features, like betting times. The top of the screen offers the camera view of the table and dealer, while you can track all data at the bottom of the screen.

Roulette from BETER Live
Blackjack from BETER Live


  • Sidebets available

  • Online setup is not practical for players who want to try card counting

With BETER Live you can join 7-seat blackjack tables, and dealers use eight decks. They follow Vegas rules of the dealer receiving two cards. The games cater for side bets, including bet-behind and 21+3. Speed blackjack is also offered, and you can look out for customised options that your operator may implement, such as additional bets.

Gravity Blackjack

  • Increased payouts with multipliers
  • Lower standard payouts to compensate for multipliers

This is a multi-player live game for any number of people. It carries great excitement thanks to the use of multipliers (2, 4, 6, 8 and 10) and side bets. Only after bets have closed will the game allocate a multiplier to one side bet.

Gravity Blackjack from BETER Live
Baccarat from BETER Live


  • Odds and bets are clearly on display
  • Originally, it was meant to be a social game, so it loses some appeal in the absence of other players you can see and interact with

With BETER Live baccarat, you can stake 1–20,000 credits with each round. An advantage of playing this game online on a well-designed platform like BETER is that the payout odds are clearly on display with each bet. This makes it easy for players to manage their budgets and risk. The game offers different bets, such as Either Pair, Player or Banker Bonus and more. 

Bet on Teen Patti

  • Calculated wagering requires some skill so the game stays stimulating
  • Fast-paced betting and the possibility of great wins can lead players not to gamble responsibly

With this 3-card poker game, you can boost winnings as much as 1,000 times. You’ll be dealt cards with the aim to compile poker hands. The screen displays fun elements, such as statistics of how often each player has won compared to the other. 

Bet on Teen Patti from BETER Live
Andar Bahar from BETER Live

Andar Bahar

  • Suitable for any number of players
  • Little skill is required, so players may find it unstimulating and repetitive after a while

This is an exclusive version of the Andar Bahar game created by BETER Live, and any number of people can participate. A card is played in the middle of the table. The dealer deals cards to all players, and players must bet who will be the first to receive a card that matches the middle card.

Technology & Features

  • 4K streaming
  • Realistic user experience
  • Themed studios
  • Skilled, experienced team members
  • Mobile access

Firstly, BETER Live creates a good quality virtual experience thanks to excellent cinematography. Some BETER employees have worked in the film industry and know how to use elements like lighting to create the best footage. There can also be multiple camera angles to give a more realistic feel.

The company streams this quality footage from studios across the globe. Certain games will take place in a private cubicle, while others are shown on an open floor, as is the case in traditional casinos. The presence and movement of other dealers on the casino floor add a sense of realism without being distracting. 

Another element of realism is matching room features with the game a player selected. For example, if you expect to play in an Asian studio after selecting an Asian game, the room decor may communicate this culture in the form of imagery, such as dragons that are synonymous with this region.

Furthermore, the dealers act the same as in any land-based casino. They’ll manage the atmosphere with their words and demeanour. The smartly dressed dealers make jokes, ask questions, announce the start of games, and confirm the results, all helping to create a realistic experience online. Players’ experience of all these elements is optimised thanks to excellent streaming technology.

Highlights & Drawbacks

  • High-tech: BETER Live uses technology optimally to create a realistic user experience
  • Studio setup: Dedicated studios and attention to detail, such as lighting and camera angles, result in an immersive experience
  • Caters to a wide audience: They offer a variety of games and support multiple languages supported
  • Difficult to understand dealers: Dealers have accents when not speaking their native tongue
  • No poker: Surprisingly, the company doesn’t offer poker as a live option

Beter Live Casinos FAQ

When playing BETER Live blackjack, you can make the game more interesting by also making side bets. If you do get it right, you stand to win big. However, as with any other casino, BETER Live will have a higher house edge, so in the long run, you may lose more — even more than you’re winning in the game itself. You need to decide if the excitement is worth the risk, or whether you would rather protect your winnings.
As with many online casinos, counting cards in blackjack is very difficult with BETER Live games. For one thing, the online setup doesn’t display all dealt cards, making it more difficult to track what has happened. Furthermore, with multiple decks and regular shuffling, it becomes more complicated to count cards. BETER Live’s setup uses eight decks, making it very challenging for card counters. Also, BETER has an Integrity team that monitors activities to identify suspicious betting patterns.
BETER was already nominated in 2021 for the EGR B2B Awards, so the brand made an impression even as a young company. In 2022 BETER performed well in the SBC Awards’ “Industry Innovation of the Year” category and got a silver mark. Although not winners, they also appeared as nominees in other categories like “Live Streaming Product of the Year”.
BETER Live games are available on desktop computers as well as mobile devices. For mobile, there’s a special one-handed option, making it very user-friendly and practical to use in multiple scenarios.