Mike Tyson — The Official Brand Ambassador for Rabona

Mike Tyson — The Official Brand Ambassador for Rabona

The legend of boxing, Mike Tyson, has accepted the offer to become the official brand ambassador for betting hub Rabona. Let's explore what this collaboration will bring for the gamblers and how it would change the platform itself.

Why Did Rabona Recruit Tyson?

Rabona is a convenient hub for anyone wanting to participate in sports betting, online slots, or online casino play. Considering the level of popularity of the platform, Mike Tyson will surely attract even more new users.

This monetary deal between Rabona and Tyson is one that is sure to be a return on investment, although the transaction amount has not been disclosed publicly. As the new face of Rabona, Mike Tyson has also added a number of press releases stating his excitement to join the brand. 

Since Tyson is synonymous in the eyes of many with being a champion, this message is strongly emphasised across the platform. “Champions are winners, right? So with Mike at your side, your chances of winning are higher…” a promotion that’s sure to bring countless players to the popular Rabona platform and cause them to play more! 

The collaboration was announced by Tyson himself on the 5th of February 2024, directly from his own Instagram account. 

What Will Tyson’s Presence Bring to the Rabona Table?

The opening Mike Tyson promotion is full of appealing bonuses, celebrity broadcasts, and new betting opportunities. Currently, the former, which is called the “Iron Bonus”, is directed at sporting event betting for the time being, and this is how it works.

There’s a welcome bonus: 100% of a bet of up to €500 ($823) which also includes a first deposit bonus of €100 ($165) (risk-free), 200 FS, and one bonus crab. The first deposit bonus of €100 is returned to any player who doesn’t win a bet placed within his or her first week of betting. This gives the player a fresh opportunity at another play and, hopefully, a win! Rabona hopes to attract more players to their betting arena with this very generous offer, believing it will entice registration to their platform and get each player’s ball rolling. 

This promotion will be running until the 1st of August 2024 and will include their new brand ambassador, Mike Tyson, as the face of the promotion for that time. The promotion is only valid for players who have registered and placed a bet of at least €10 ($15). It’s also not a renewable bonus and is only valid once for each registered player. If you do take advantage of this promotion, be sure to make use of it within three days of receiving it.

In addition to this bonus, Tyson will also be broadcasting live streams on Rabona’s Kick and Twitch channels on a monthly basis. These promise to contain his own recollection of famous fights, as well as a showcase of him playing some of Rabona’s online games. Besides this exciting feature, Rabona has promised more surprises in the upcoming months, as well as giveaways that celebrate the new collaboration.

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